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Farm Gate Farm Shop

Farm Gate Farm Shop produce their own free-range pork, lamb and chicken and sell a wonderful selection from local artisan producers, including Organic or Fairtrade items.

The Baggins, Thornton Lane, Easingwold, York YO61 3QB, UK

Farm Gate Farm Shop began with a small scale production of free-range pork and lamb, before extending the range to now include free-range chicken and turkey. Their love of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings led them to name their meat after characters in the novel, creating Pippins Pork, Legolas Lamb, and Proudfoot Poultry.

Now, with over 500 products changing seasonally, Farm Gate works with a range of artisan producers to stock locally grown, organic fruit and veg, bakery, honey, cereals and dairy, and much more. All their cheeses are sold loose to reduce packaging and mainly sourced from small dairies, and their unhomogenised organic milk, organic butter and cream are packaged in reusable glass bottles and terracotta pots.

The Farm Gate Farm Shop is open Saturdays, offers nationwide delivery plus free local delivery.

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