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A small business dedicated to promoting Yorkshire's local makers and helping customers discover a true taste of Yorkshire.

As champions of the Yorkshire Mark, Fredricks are committed to supporting the food and drink industry and local makers in Yorkshire. They strongly believe in the incredible talent and craftsmanship present in our region, and aim to showcase and celebrate it.

Formerly a mobile bar service, Fredricks now curate a range of selected locally made products, primarily drinks, including spirits, beers, wines, and associated gifts. They collaborate closely with Yorkshire makers who share their passion for quality and authenticity, ensuring that every product is a true representation of the region's rich and diverse flavours.

Aiming to create meaningful connections between Yorkshire makers and their customers, Fredricks share the stories and craftsmanship behind every product. Check out their website to 'meet the makers'.

Currently they are very busy attending artisanal markets across North Yorkshire, which will be their main outlet for the coming year!

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