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Goat Drinks & Myth Drinks

North Yorkshire-based entrepreneur Colette is the creator of Goat Drinks, the fun, all-natural, on-the-go energy drinks company, and Myth Drinks, an award-winning, rum-inspired alcohol-free spirit range.

Murton Way, Osbaldwick, York YO19 5UW, UK

Feeling that energy drinks market seemed to be reserved for fitness fanatics, founder Colette created Goat energy drinks, especially for those on the early morning school runs, working late at night or needing a naturally caffeinated boost on the go.

With added B-Vitamins, Zinc, antioxidant Co-Enzyme Q10 and natural flavourings of Pomelo and Mango, this sparkling drink is made for anyone who wants a bit of a boost to get on with what they enjoy. With all cans naturally vegan-friendly and gluten-free, Colette has also released ‘The Funky Goat’, a cherry-flavoured sugar-free version with no carbs, calories, or sugar.

Colette also founded the award-winning Myth Drinks, a rum-inspired alcohol-free spirit range, to enjoy with friends without the hangover but with all the flavour!

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