Priory Vodka

Based in North Yorkshire, between Tadcaster and Wetherby, Priory Vodka is created from the potatoes grown on Priory Farm’s fields and distilled on site on their farm, a true taste of Yorkshire spirit! Their crisp and refreshing range of sprits are nurtured from seed to bottle.

As a potato supplier to big retailers and restaurants, Priory Farm wanted to find a way to use surplus produce which wasn’t taken by the client – so Priory Vodka was created! They utilise locally sourced produce and are mindful of the environmental responsibilities they have as a fully functional working farm. Once the potatoes have been taken for the vodka, the skins are fed to their livestock and the distilling towers are powered by the farm’s solar panels.

Their range of spirits have been recognised for their pure, fruity and floral taste winning them multiple awards from the Vodka Masters. Enjoy a tipple which is responsibly made and lovingly produced!