1. Food

Warrendale Wagyu

Warrendale Wagyu are a Yorkshire-based business working in partnership with over 750 farmers across the UK to consistently produce the highest quality British Wagyu beef.

Established in 2017, Warrendale Wagyu are passionate about producing exceptional quality, sustainable, and high welfare products.

Proud to harness the strengths of British farmers, Warrendale Wagyu work with over 750 partners across the UK to produce world-class quality and high-standard Wagyu beef, whilst being mindful of their environmental footprint.

To achieve their signature Wagyu Cross, known as an F1 Wagyu, Warrendale Wagyu cross registered fullblood Wagyu genetics with dairy breeds. Their cattle are processed at an industry-leading facility in Yorkshire, known for its high animal welfare standards, before being cut and processed at their small artisan butchery based just outside York.