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Yorkshire Heart Vineyard & Brewery

Based in Nun Monkton, family-run Yorkshire Heart Vineyard & Brewery nurture 25,000 vines all year round, producing home-grown wine onsite, alongside running their micro-brewery, Winehouse café, shop and campsite.

With 15 acres, Yorkshire Heart have around 25,000 vines that they prune, train and grow all year round to produce fine artisan Yorkshire wine from grape to glass on-site in their winery.

They also run a modern micro-brewery, where they produce a great range of craft ales, pilsners and stouts using only the best malts and hops from reputable Yorkshire suppliers. Keen to maximise their craft beer’s unique Yorkshire flavour, the water used in production is pumped from their very own natural spring located beneath the brewery!

Yorkshire Heart have also recently opened their Winehouse café and shop, as well as offering have a small 10 pitch campsite offering camping and glamping right next to their Vineyard.

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