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Showcasing our Yorkshire producers who specialise in Fair Trade Coffee

13 May 2023

This World Fair Trade Day, we’re shining a spotlight on our fantastic Coffee Roasters from across Yorkshire!

Offering fair deals to small-scale farmers is essential to keeping standards and expectations for the coffee production sector high and ensure that it is fair for everyone. The independent Coffee producers within the Yorkshire Mark family hold up the highest level of production, so let’s shout about them!

First up, we have Halifax-based White Rose Coffee Roasters. Specialising in small batch roasting, they offer 22 coffee origins from all over the world. They have taken the time over the years to visit their supplier farms, travelling to Brazil to see the farming process first hand. Aside from this, they maintain close relationships with their farmers across the world, such as Ethiopia and Guatemala.

Next, we have Casa Espresso, independently-owned coffee roasters in Shipley. Their ethically sourced and award-winning specialty beans was founded in 2000, and they have since carefully selected farms and cooperatives that are focused on a better future for their workers and local communities. Each coffee variety from casa espresso comes with information on region information and background on the farmer.

Last but not least, we’ve got Sheffield-based Frazers Coffee Roasters! Since they began in 2014, Frazers have worked hard to supply local cafes, restaurants and offices across Sheffield with great tasting coffee. ‘Direct Trade’ Coffee is important to them, so they work directly with the farmers they source from and give them a better price for all the hard work they do. Staying connected by initiating coffee origin trips to meet farmers, learn about their agriculture and processing methods, Frazers guarantees fairtrade and sustainable practices.

We're proud to have them all in our Yorkshire Mark community.

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