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Sustainability Top Tips from our Yorkshire Fam

28 February 2023

Many people are becoming increasingly aware of how their actions affect the health of the planet, and are keen to adopt a more sustainable way of living by seeking products that are produced sustainably, from companies that have sustainable values at their core.

Inspired by The Climate Coalition #ShowTheLove campaign, this February we have been rolling out a ‘Sustainability Showcase’ of our incredible Yorkshire Mark members who are already leading the way in sustainable and ethical practice.

Take the time to learn how to live a little more sustainably by reading the roundup of our #yorkshirefam’s sustainability Top Tips:

  • Using water in the kitchen to feed plants. Save the water from boiling veg and pasta from going down the drain. Once it's cooled it can be used to water plants inside the house (or outside), allowing plants to benefit from the nutrients in the food we cook (just remember, the water must be unsalted!).
  • Be mindful of the products you choose. Looking for a unique gift for a friend or just need to stock up on some everyday household items? Opting for zero-waste, plastic-free products, which you can find in online stores like McGowan Realm, can help our planet little by little.
  • Buy from local, independent businesses. Locally owned businesses make more local purchases, requiring less transportation and reducing food miles. Alongside boosting your local economy, supporting independent producers can help you eat more seasonally and supports more sustainable production methods than mass-production companies. Finding a fantastic choice of unique Yorkshire food, drink, hampers, gifts and experiences created across the region, couldn’t be easier with our online directory. Check out the wonderful Yorkshire Mark community and start supporting businesses local to you.
  • Reuse & refill your empty bottles. Reusing your bottle reduces the number of bottles produced - which is great for the environment! Making the most of Refill Schemes like those York Gin and Cooper King Distillery have in place, is great for the planet and for your pocket!
  • Composting - did you know? As well as food waste, natural sponges, loofahs, along with other organic waste like wine corks, can all be composted at home - reducing your greenhouse emissions from sending these items to landfill and creating a compost full of variety in nutrient rich items.
  • Buy Yorkshire Pasta… You’ll never guess which Yorkshire Mark producer offered this top tip! Made using solar energy, British Flour from farms an average of 24.5miles from their local mill and packaged in 100% plastic free and recyclable paper bags, Yorkshire Pasta is a tastier, more sustainable choice to your mass-produced supermarket alternative!
  • Ask questions. To ensure your money is spent well, don’t be afraid to ask questions to help get beyond any potential green washing. Businesses with a genuine green ethos will only be too happy to discuss their initiatives, their achievements, and the areas they still need to improve.
  • Sustainable swaps. Rather than using one-use plastic or paper straws, keeping a metal straw in your bag wherever you go will help to reduce your waste every time you eat and drink out! Use toilet paper made from recycled paper, swap to a green energy provider…once you start down the path of trying to live more sustainably, you begin to question everything. Then the fun begins!
Learn more the Yorkshire Mark members we showcased throughout the month:

SeaGrown: SeaGrown are pioneering the growth of sustainable, carbon-rich Yorkshire seaweed, which not only make for nutritious food seasonings, but absorbs tons of carbon from the atmosphere and releases oxygen into the surrounding water, creating new habitats allowing marine life to flourish.

York Gin: Fuelled by their ambition to be a ‘Net Positive’ business, York Gin are powered by 100% green energy and through their partnership with Forge Recycling, are committed to zero-waste production. With their shop refill station, water saving system and use of plastic-free bottles & packaging made sustainably in Yorkshire, York Gin are dedicated in their mission to be sustainable, responsible and efficient.

McGowan Realm: With a passion to support their local community, reduce unnecessary waste and see less impact on our environment, McGowan Realm stock fantastic quality products from a selection of small, local businesses with rich heritage, in their zero-waste online shop. Founded by keen conservationist John, 5p from every product sale goes to wildlife conservation, reducing plastic use at the same time.

Cooper King Distillery: Producer of England’s first carbon-negative gin, Cooper King’s use of 100% renewable energy, plastic-free postage, recycled glass ‘bottles for life’ & refill scheme, and dedication to planting 1sqm of Yorkshire Woodland for every bottle sold, places them as true pioneers in sustainable spirit production.

Yorkshire Pasta Company: Using only the best quality locally milled wheat flour and water, Yorkshire Pasta utilise traditional, plastic-free methods of production and 100% recyclable paper packaging to sustainably produce their authentic, premium pasta right here in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Salt Maiden: Starting from principles of sustainable sourcing and low impact, the Yorkshire Salt Maiden hand-harvest local sea water, use natural sunlight to form pure salt crystals and package into plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging.

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