Fennel Salami

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We produce charcuterie made from our own animals, that have lived a truly free range life in our woodlands. Our pigs are a Yorkshire Heritage breed called Middle White and, Mangalitsa, the Wooly pig! They live a natural life rooting and foraging in the fresh air, drinking our spring water, never needing antibiotics.

Our charcuterie is hand trimmed and handmade. Our recipes are all mixed from scratch. We are also Allergen Free.

The Fennel Salami has a beautiful light fennel flavour, to enhance not mask, the flavour of such high quality meat.


Free range, Woodland, Rarebreed Pork & Fennel Salami

Our charcuterie is ambient until opened and then refrigerate.

For maximum flavour it is best served at room temperature.

Unlike mass produced salami, our salamis are removed from their 'skins' before packaging.

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100g sliced