Mangalitsa Lomo

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We produce charcuterie made from our own animals, that have lived a truly free range life in our woodlands. Our pigs are a Yorkshire Heritage breed called Middle White and, Mangalitsa, the Wooly pig! They live a natural life rooting and foraging in the fresh air, drinking our spring water, never needing antibiotics.

Our charcuterie is hand trimmed and handmade. Our recipes are all mixed from scratch. We are also Allergen Free.

Lomo is air dried pork loin, gently infused with garlic, sweet paprika and black pepper. Air dried for 5 months. Perfect with a glass of sparkling English wine.


Free Range, Woodland Pork Lomo.

Our charcuterie is ambient until opened and then refrigerate. For maximum flavour it is best served at room temperature.

Ingredients: Free Range Pork 95.8%, salt, dextrose, black pepper, sweet smoked paprika, garlic, preservative (sodium nitrite and potassium nitrate).

Gluten, Wheat, and Lactose free.

195g of pork used for 100g finished product.

Storage sliced: Once opened, store in an airtight container and consume within three days. Minimum best before on delivery 6 weeks.

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