Mangalitsa Pancetta

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Wonderfully aromatic, infused with juniper, garlic, coriander, fennel, and black pepper. Air dried for 4 months.

Mangalitsa is known for its deeper flavour to other breeds, its darker meat is almost beef like before curing. The perfect addition to your carbonara, or scattered over a crisp salad.


Free range, Mangalitsa, woodland pork pancetta.


Shelf life on delivery minimum 2 weeks.

Storage: Once opened store in a fridge. Consume within 3 days.

125g pork used to make 100g finished product.

Ingredients: Free range pork 92.08%, salt, brown sugar, black pepper, fennel, coriander, juniper berries, thyme, garlic, preservative (sodium nitrite).

Gluten, Wheat and Lactose free.

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150g diced