Priory Rhubarb Vodka 31%

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Does it get more Yorkshire than rhubarb?

Use our flavoured rhubarb vodka to make that rhubarb note sing out in cocktails or with a mixer.


About us
Priory make potato vodka and potato gin, which are nurtured from seed to bottle on the Priory Farm nestled between Tadcaster and Wetherby in beautiful North Yorkshire. We’re proud to say that our ingredients don’t need to travel far when we’re producing our vodka; the potatoes come straight from our fields, and the fresh local spring water only makes a short journey 13 miles down the road to get to us.

We’re mindful of the environmental responsibilities we have as a fully functional working farm, and minimising food waste, along with a mindful approach to sourcing other ingredients nearby, has helped form our principle led approach to our production. When we’ve used the potatoes for the vodkas and gin, we feed the potato skins to our livestock, and we even power our distilling tower from the sun that beats down (if we’re lucky!) on the solar panels on the farm. Ultimately, we think it’s always going to be easier to enjoy a tipple which is responsibly made and lovingly produced, and that’s why it’ll always be special to us, and special to the people who enjoy it too.

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700ml, 5ml