Thank You Biscuits

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Thank You biscuits are a lovely gift to express your gratitude in the sweetest way!

Sending someone Thank You Biscuits by post shows that you care. These biscuits are a great way to express your gratitude when a card just isn’t quite enough. Whether you want to thank a family member, a friend, a neighbour, or even a client, colleague, or employee, saying Thank You with a biscuit goes a long way.

Plus you will earn some brownie points for the thoughtful letterbox-friendly gift!

Fancy a bit more colour? We also offer fondant Iced Thank You biscuits.

The Thank You biscuit gift box includes:

6 x Thank You biscuits
Free gift note
Free UK wide shipping

All ‘Thank You’ biscuit gift boxes are handmade to order. Each biscuit measures roughly 7.5cm/3 inches in diameter.


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If you require more flexibility in terms of design and biscuit type for your gift idea, please have a look at our dedicated bespoke biscuits page. From there you can also contact us with your specific ideas. We would love to transform your vision into a biscuit!

Our signature jam biscuits are inspired by a traditional Austrian Christmas biscuit called Linzer cookie. Co-founder Lisa hails from the South of Germany, and our jam biscuits are made to her Grandmother’s Linzer recipe (excluding the nuts).

Nigella Lawson wrote about Linzer cookies on BBC Food. Her words perfectly convey how truly special these biscuits are:

“In its wildest dreams, a jammy dodger could never aspire to the melting tenderness and celestial lightness of the Linzer cookie. The idea is the same: two biscuits, sandwiched together with jam, a hole or small shape cut out of the top one, so that the jam glints beckoningly through. But the Linzer cookie’s dough is rich and short. It’s the extravagant Austrian Christmas version.”

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