Wild Venison & Sloe Gin Salami

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Wild Venison from our farm in Ryedale, complimented with sloe gin from local distillery Sloe Motion.

Our charcuterie is hand trimmed and handmade. Our recipes are all mixed from scratch. We are also Allergen Free.


Wild Venison & Sloe Gin Salami.

Our charcuterie is ambient until opened and then refrigerate. For maximum flavour it is best served at room temperature.

Unlike mass produced salami, our salamis are removed from their ‘skins’ before packaging.

Ingredients: Wild Venison 70%, Free range pork 30%, salt, sloe gin, black pepper, dextrose, juniper berry, garlic, preservative (sodium nitrite).

100g of venison and 40g pork to 100g of finished product

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