Become a Yorkshire Mark Producer

If you are a Yorkshire-based food and drink producer who takes pride in using as many local ingredients in your products as possible, please fill out the below form and a member of the Yorkshire Mark team will be in touch!

Producer Application Form

The license to use the Yorkshire Mark is only ever granted to companies who produce and/or make their products in Yorkshire using as many local ingredients as is possible.

Membership Criteria

The Applicant declares and undertakes as follows:

  1. All my/our produce specified during the application process and which will carry the trademarked Yorkshire Mark ‘made in Yorkshire’ stamp is either grown, reared, caught, brewed or wholly processed within the county of Yorkshire utilising as many local ingredients as is possible.
  2. As a producer/business, I/we operate in accordance with Trading Standards, Environmental Health, Animal Welfare Standards, and any other relevant UK and European licensing and legislation. I/we understand that Yorkshire Mark Ltd are not certifying that any product is Made in Yorkshire, merely licensing the logo in order for my business to communicate that claim to customers. I/we will check with my local Trading Standards department if I/we are at all unsure as to whether production methods meet their criteria for making afore mentioned claim and cannot hold Yorkshire Mark Ltd accountable if I subsequently find that I am not eligible.
  3. I/we acknowledge that an annual, recurring fee to join the scheme and use of the brand will be charged according to the categories as specified during the application process and detailed on our invoice. The fee may change if my/our business turnover/number of employees change.
  4. I/we must not provide untrue or misleading information to ‘Yorkshire Mark Ltd’ I/we will ensure that the products carrying the ‘Yorkshire Mark’ brand will conform to the criteria at all times.
  5. As a user of the brand, I/we will immediately inform ‘Yorkshire Mark Ltd’ or its advisors if I/we unable to meet any of the above conditions at any time.
  6. I/we recognise that there may be instances where determination of acceptance of product(s) to use the Yorkshire Mark is complex or controversial. I/we understand that granting of the license (whether of our products or those of third parties) is at the absolute discretion of ‘Yorkshire Mark Ltd’ and that any decision is final.
  7. I/we agree to immediately cease use of the ‘Yorkshire Mark’ brand if subsequent recurring annual payments are not made and membership is not renewed or if the criteria is not met and any materials already in use will also be removed.
  8. I/we acknowledge that once accepted by ‘Yorkshire Mark Ltd’ the Application form together with these rules and undertaking, license agreement and all the appendices thereto, form the entire Agreement between ‘Yorkshire Mark Ltd’ and I/we accept all the terms thereof.
  9. I/we declare that I/we have read the above and fully understand the above declaration and the attached application form and the License Agreement and, if accepted, we will perform and abide by all terms and conditions of the entire Agreement at all times.